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managed services

At Blue Layer our goal is to be your partner in technology service. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and skills to handle any service request. Our Managed Services plan provides consistent coverage for those aspects of technology most crucial to your business success.

managed services include:


Help Desk

Rely on our team of experts for all your technology needs. Our technicians are available 24/7, reachable by phone, email, and even desktop icon.


Emergency Support | Technology Experts | Easy Access | Guaranteed Response Time

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting & Virtual CIO

Future-proof your business. We identify upcoming needs, find solutions for current and future initiatives, and help guide the technology vision for your organization.


Proactive Planning | Virtualization | Project Planning | Industry Perspectives | Virtual CIO

Managed Secruity

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

We protect your business from internal and external threats. We provide reliable and secure remote access, vulnerability identification and remediation, network protection, and multiple layers of defense, including continuing education for security awareness. We also protect your physical building and assets with security camera installation, video capture, and archiving. Our licensed team provides a custom solution to your organization.


Adaptive Security Hardware | Two Factor Authentication | Intrusion Detection & Prevention | Risk Assessment | Security Awareness Training

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Securely store and recover your data. Rest easy with our regularly scheduled backups, offsite storage, and zero downtime recovery options.


Data Loss Prevention | Remote Storage | Data Recovery | Business Continuity

Network Operations

Network Operations Center

We offer fast response time to business critical problems. Our in-house team of experts provide remote and on-site maintenance and repair and remote protection, and system monitoring.


Break-Fix | Remote Management | Managed Servers | Network Monitoring

business services

As a managed  IT service provider, we understand that every business has a different level of need when it comes to technology. We specialize in helping businesses take the next step with their technology by managing, implementing, and maintaining large and special projects.

Business Services Include:


Server Installation and Set up

Let our certified technicians handle the set up and maintenance of your most valuable piece of equipment.


Consulting | Installation & Configuration | Proactive Planning & Best Practices | Virtualization | Cost-conscious Equipment and Optimation


Networking / SD-WAN

Keep your business running efficiently by consulting with our technology experts to implement your network infrastructure to improve both your wide area and local area networks.. SD-WAN (Software-defined WAN) is a new approach to network connectivity that lowers operational costs and improves resource usage for multi-site organizations.


Adaptive Security Hardware | Two Factor Authentication | Intrusion Detection & Prevention 

Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UCaaS)

Enhance your business processes and communications with integrated phone, video, meetings, and messaging into one reliable, easy-to-use solution. Eliminate disparate system and the frustration of differing technologies.


Connect Multiple Locations | Fast Set Up | BYOD Mobile App | Call Recording | Integrated Conference Calling

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Gain efficiencies, productivity, and connectivity through integrated cloud services for your business processes and demands.


Cloud Storage | Enhanced Email and Document Services including Encryption, Classification, & Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Utilize our compliance services to ensure your company, processes, and staff are compliant with the multitude of government regulations including PCI, HIPAA, and HITECH


Assessments | Remediation | Documentation | Consultation | Administrative, Operational, & Technical Guidance

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a crucial part of every business continuity plan. Without a tested plan for data recovery, it could be weeks before your business is up and running after mission critical data is lost, corrupted, stolen or otherwise compromised.

Replication Services

Data Replication plays a crucial role in a disaster recovery plan. At Blue Layer we offer multiple solutions from installing a dedicated appliance to implementing new software programs on your existing equipment. Investing in replication will help you meet compliance requirements and will save you money in the long run, by diminishing costs associated with downtime by making it simpler to restore not only a few files but all your data.

Benefits of Replication:


Data synchronization

Ensure uninterrupted access to critical data with our advanced solutions. Anyone with databases, virtual machines, multiple locations or irreplaceable client data should leverage data synchronization.

Real Time

Continuous availability

High availability for the most widely used data stores takes disaster recovery to a new level by decreasing the need for a fail-over recovery environment and allowing for continuous access to mission-critical information.


Minimal downtime

Blue Layer dedicates a team of recovery experts to monitor and manage this critical business component. Replication enables businesses to resume operations in a fraction of the time compared to traditional backup-and-restore solutions. In most cases, downtime is reduced to hours rather than days or weeks.


Optimized resource utilization

Reduce your backup storage requirements with the ability to perform block-level, system-level and deduplication backups.


The most efficient way to handle cybersecurity threats is to prevent them from ever occurring. With Blue Layer’s curated set of software and monitoring services, we keep your systems protected and running smoothly. We monitor your network in real time, allowing us to deal with problems as they arise.

Detection & Prevention

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and it’s more important than ever to have a security solution that does more than just block malware. Partnering with Cisco and their Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), we provide businesses a world class malware database, paired with context-aware monitoring and reporting, retrospective malware analysis, and Threat Grid sandboxing to provide an anti-malware solution that does more than just prevent users from downloading malware – it provides comprehensive security before, during, and after a malware attack. 

Educate Your Team

Many system breaches can be avoided by educating your team. We provide resources that help you identify dangerous web content, emails, and security risks. We keep you informed of the latest cybersecurity threats and we partner with you to protect your business, and enable your employees to become a human firewall.

Heightened Security

As businesses grow, security protocols often lag behind. We help you develop the proper methods to protect your system integrity. Combined with our other services, we make sure your systems are protected from unauthorized access.  We provide two-factor authentication, security awareness training, immediate text-based password reset, and monthly vulnerability scanning and remediation as just a start to our wholistic approach to security.  In addition, our preferred next-generation firewall features an integrated intrusion detection and prevention (IDS / IPS) engine which is the single most widely deployed intrusion detection and prevention technology in the world, protecting your network against malicious entities and threats.

Protect Yourself From These Threats:


Malware, Spyware, & Viruses

Malware takes many forms, from adware, which can disrupt your operations, to spyware, which can transmit your confidential information to third parties. Blue Layer helps keep your systems clear of dangers. Our recommended security appliances incorporate intrusion prevention (IPS) with rulesets that are refreshed daily to ensure protection against the latest vulnerabilities — including exploits, viruses, rootkits, and more — and these are pushed via the cloud to customers within an hour — no manual staging or patching needed.



With ransomware, hackers take your systems hostage, requiring you to pay a fee, making it impossible to access your data without their assistance. Don’t pay a ransom, we keep your data backed up for an easy recovery.


Phishing, Vishing, & Smishing

Phishing scams involve hackers attempting to steal confidential information, including passwords and credit card number, by posing as a trusted authority. We’ll help your team recognize and report phishing attempts.

Unified Communications

Empower your business to communicate, collaborate, and connect via voice, team messaging and collaboration, audio and video conferencing, and fax from any location and on any device. Our solutions provide a complete business communications and collaboration solution that is flexible and completely scalable, so it can grow and adapt to meet your company’s ever-evolving needs. Visit our office or schedule a video conference for a demonstration of the features offered through a unified communications platform.



Powerful Scalability and Flexibility

Deliver a highly scalable cloud-based phone system that provides significant flexibility in managing your rapidly growing business operations. Our agile platform-based solution facilitates timely and rapid network and device configuration, automatic product upgrades and innovations, and flexible monitoring and management tools, helping ensure that your organization scales according to the latest industry trends.


World-Class Security and Chat

Robust security measures are implemented at every level of architecture and processes with a full-time security and fraud-prevention department working to ensure the physical and environmental security of your service 24/7. For organizations with greater security needs such as HIPAA compliance, additional communication conduit settings are employed to protect you and your communications. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our distributed network is fully redundant in every location we serve, providing a truly global infrastructure that consistently delivers the service continuity and quality you deserve.

Team Collab

Team Collaboration

Use online meetings to conduct high-definition video conferences utilizing advanced collaboration features, including screen sharing, web sharing, file annotation, and more. Chat software provides a unified team workspace that allows your employees to share conversations, files, tasks, and calendars. Bring internal and external teams together with real-time chat, voice, and video conferencing and keep projects on track by setting action items and timelines.


Simplified Administration

As your business scales and grows, your growing networked locations create more complex operations with unique management challenges. Multi-site support feature gives you the flexibility to manage and support your branch offices based on their unique operational needs. Use our centralized web-based dashboard to easily manage all your users and locations—anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Comprehensive Integrations

Built as an open platform from the ground up, we integrate your business communications capabilities with the applications and cloud services your organization uses every day. We deliver custom-built integrations into Salesforce®, G Suite, Microsoft® Office products, and many other leading sales, marketing, and CRM applications. Seamlessly use leading market apps out of the box, while industry-standard APIs enable developers to leverage our open platform architecture to innovate in novel ways, adding value to existing products. We also incorporate your existing processes, which may utilize products such as Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive, into your business solutions.

Real Time

Real-Time Analytics

Regulatory Compliance

As technology professionals, we understand the complexity and difficulty in maintaining compliance with the numerous government agencies and laws.  As a transaction-based company, we too must adhere to PCI compliance requirements.  Due to the fact that we support businesses who maintain protected health information, we also must maintain HIPAA and HITECH compliance.  We have taken this experience and expanded our technology service offering to now include HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance for our clients.

HIPAA Of Compliance


Blue Layer brings a team of industry experts to assist your business with achieving HIPAA compliance. Maintaining compliance, diligent record keeping, annual training, and HIPAA breach notification counseling are ongoing features of our program. Our comprehensive solution includes:

  • Risk Assessments outlined by HHS
    • Technical Requirements
    • Physical Requirements
    • Administrative Requirements
  • Identification of Gaps
  • Remediation Planning
  • Incident Management and Counseling
  • Policy & Procedure Templates
  • Business Associate Agreement Management
  • Employee Training and Documentation
  • Dedicated Compliance Coach


Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance with Data Security Standards is a requirement of all businesses who conduct credit or debit card transactions. Blue Layer is experienced in assessing gaps in PCI DSS requirements and assisting with implementation and remediation of security protocols. We will advise and assist companies with:

  • Building & maintaining a secure network compliant with PCI DSS
  • Protection of cardholder data, both during storage and transmission
  • Maintaining a vulnerability management program
  • Implementing access control measures
  • Creation of an Information Security Policy


Bluelayer brings magic to the enterprise video security world. Impossibly simple to deploy, configure, and manage, our cameras provide reliable security and valuable business insights to organizations of any scale.

A Family of Cameras for Every Deployment

Our cameras come with everything needed for a successful deployment in the box. Add cameras to a network before they even arrive, and adjust both optical and software settings remotely.

  • Integrated, high-grade solid state storage on each device
  • Up to 1080p high definition resolution
  • Advanced, mobile-grade processor on each camera
  • A range of models for multipurpose deployments
  • 3 year warranty on all hardware

Cutting Edge Architecture

By utilizing solid state storage on each camera, our cameras have removed the network video recorder (NVR) and its complexity from the equation.

Bandwidth Conscious

Use WAN bandwidth only when needed. Less than 50kbps of metadata streams to the cloud per camera when footage is not being viewed, eliminating excessive WAN usage.

Never Stop Recording

Since video is stored on the edge, cameras will continue to record even if the network connection fails. Solid state storage and intelligent software allow for customizable video retention.

Cloud Archive Options

Make sure every box is ticked with backup cloud archive, optional on every camera. 90 and 180 day options are available to suit a variety of sensitive areas and can be purchased and applied to individual cameras in a fleet.

Browser icon

Centralized Cloud Management

The dashboard provides secure monitoring and management of all your cameras from anywhere in the world, no extra software required.


Everything's in the Box

With video storage and powerful hardware, there’s no need for an NVR or extra analytics packages.


Super Secure

Cameras automatically purchase publicly signed SSL certificates and all management data is always encrypted by default.


Bandwidth Conscious

A novel architecture places video storage on the camera, not in the cloud, ensuring mission critical network activities get the bandwidth they need.


Whether you have new construction or existing offices that need additional cabling, our team will take care of your needs. We work with you or your contractors to determine optimal locations for all of your networking and cabling requirements and will take care of your project from beginning to end.




  • CAT 5/6 Data & Voice

  • Fiber

  • Coax

  • Audio/Visual


Additional A/V cabling and services:

  • TV, projector, screen mounting

  • Sound systems

  • Promotional displays and remote content management

Internet Services

Blue Layer is a wholesale provider of internet services. As an independent Managed Service Provider, we provide competitive service options for you to consider from the leading national carriers.


Internet Services

We will assist your company in selecting a carrier that is a good technological fit for your needs, and through the use of our preferred channel managers, we will administer the installation details and scheduling, so you don’t have to. Once service has been installed, we monitor service availability and work quickly to remedy any interruptions.

Preferred Carrier list (partial list of the more than 110 available):

  • Altice

  • AT&T

  • Comcast

  • Spectrum

  • Suddenlink

  • Time Warner

  • Unite Private Networks

  • Verizon

  • Windstream


Access controls, whether physical or virtual, are a key component of network security. Access controls authenticate and authorize individuals to access the information they are allowed to see and use.

Access control consists of two main components, authorization and authentication to guarantee that users have appropriate access to company data. Physical Access Controls protect the assets on-site, while Virtual protect access to computer systems.

ACCESS CONTROLS services include:

Door Handle

Physical Access Control

Physical Access Control limits access to buildings, rooms and physical IT assets, such as data centers. Physical Access Control can be achieved through means such as access key cards or electronic door lock systems.

Cyber Security

Virtual Access Control

Virtual Access Controls limit connections to data, computer networks and system files. They consist of antivirus software, firewalls with intrusion prevention and detection, anti-spyware and anti-phishing applications.

Enterprise Mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

A growing demand for reliable mobile communications requires solutions that can meet the challenges involved with deployment, management, security, scalability, and adaptability on an enterprise level. While businesses have historically allocated internal resources to source and manage their corporate mobility solutions and strategies, that approach is not sustainable without augmentation. Blue Layer enterprise mobility and internet of things (IoT) solutions ensure a rollout that is 100% scalable, 100% logistically-sound, and 100% free of connectivity and security issues.

When you partner with Blue Layer to transform the way that your business communicates with the rest of the connected world, you get a full suite of world-class services that include:

Mobility and IoT Strategy and Execution

Enterprise-level strategy and seamless execution that are based on your business’s requirements, goals, and restrictions.

Mobile Carrier Consolidation and Aggregation

Bringing your team’s lanes of communication together under one secure roof.

Mobile Data, Voice, Messaging, 5G, Private LTE, CBRS

Empower your team to communicate, collaborate, and connect like never before.

Mobile Security, Device Management and Compliance

Protect your employees, safeguard your information, and ensure that the mobile applications that you are deploying fall in line with compliance requirements.

IoT Single SIM

Start, scale, and manage your connected IoT devices anywhere, any time, and at any scale.

Identity and Access Controls

Authenticate and authorize individuals to have only the access that is appropriate to them.

Optimize Mobility and IoT Lifecycle Management

Enhance your applications’ ability to efficiently grow with your business.

Maximize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on All Mobility Deployments

Get the most out of your enterprise mobility solutions by understanding all of the costs involved, from adoption and operation, to post-deployment use and support.

Regulatory Compliance

Fleet Services and Telematics Solutions

Optimize communication efficiency, automate deployment processes, and revolutionize fleet management.