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Why Your Business Should Live in the Cloud

Created at October 24, 2022

Keeping up with technology trends and advancements can feel like a task you never get to check off. Because new innovations are being unveiled every day, it can be overwhelming. 

As information technology experts, we can tell you which trends you want to pay attention to and invest in, and which ones you can pass on. 

One advancement that has changed the business world forever, and is here to stay, is the “cloud.” 

The cloud is an on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, that doesn’t require around-the-clock, in-person monitoring. Large clouds are often distributed over multiple locations, each location being a data center.

Most conglomerates and industry-leading companies have transitioned to this way of operating because of its long list of pros for not only the company’s leadership, but its employees as well. 

Here’s why your business should live in the cloud. 

Reduced Costs

It costs money to purchase equipment and establish data centers. Once they’re up and running, you then have to pay technicians to manage the upkeep. 

When your business’s data lives in the cloud, you only pay for the cloud services and features such as number of users and space available.


Operating your business through the cloud allows you and your employees to complete their work from any location. Team members can work from an office or from home. 

This also cuts down on costs because with remote workers, you can cut down on the number of workspaces or the size of your office. 


If or when your business experiences unexpected growth, without cloud capabilities, you have the challenge of securing additional servers and storage. 

When you’re operating on the cloud, it’s as easy as upgrading your plan to receive more available space. This saves not only money, but time. Instead of spending weeks purchasing and establishing additional physical data space, spend only a few minutes upgrading your cloud infrastructure.

Security & Updates

A major reason to move to cloud computing is the heightened security it offers. In almost all cases, the horrendous cyber attacks we all fear happen to local data centers–and when that happens, information and data is lost forever. 

With the cloud, your company’s greatest assets can exist in multiple locations–meaning you always have a backup. 

The cloud also provides minute-to-minute updating. This means you will always have the latest versions of the software, as well as the most updated security and protection.  

Disaster Recovery

Security and flexibility play into disaster recovery. 

When we say “disaster,” it could mean a few things. Most people assume cyber attacks and yes, we mean those. This could also mean a natural disaster. 

What happens when a fire or flash flood destroys your physical data center? 

These are fears that can be dispelled when moving your business to the cloud. When your data is stored virtually and in multiple locations, you never have to worry that it will be lost forever.

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