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Why LastPass is the Best Option for Password Management

Created at September 21, 2020

Why LastPass is the Best Option for Password Management

A vital, often overlooked, layer of the “cybersecurity onion” is strong password protection. Think of passwords like saved numbers in your phone — as each one is unique to their respective person, as should each password be to their separate app, website, etc. The strongest passwords contain a combination of unmemorable and unreplicable letters, numbers, and special characters.

So, what happens when those passwords become so many and so complicated that even you have a hard time keeping track of what’s what?

LastPass Password Management

Blue Layer is an enterprise partner with LastPass, the premier leader in password management that offers personal and business applications for creating, storing, and managing your passwords.

The LastPass business platform provides a management portal for IT teams and designated admins to securely share and disseminate the company’s access credentials to staff during their employment, as well as after to immediately disable a user’s account to protect company data. Other features include:

  • Single Sign-On: Utilize a built-in portal with over 1,200 pre-integrated applications.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Add another layer of security that is compatible with two-factor authentication.
  • Password Management: Utilize a complete password manager for capturing, storing, filling, and generating passwords with a robust admin dashboard and a vault for every user.
  • Tool Vault: Every employee has their own secure vault for access to all of their work tools.
  • Notes & Documents: Organize database logins, SSH keys, software licenses, and other critical business information.
  • Work & Personal Applications: Employees can have a vault for personal and work, and auto-sort credentials to the right place.
  • Encrypted Password Sharing: Help employees share passwords the secure way, and remove access when projects are done.
  • Security: Encryption happens exclusively at the device level, so only the user can unlock access to their data.
  • Reporting: Generate advanced reports for new users, user activity, policy setting changes, access requests, security reports, and shared folder reports.

We recommend that all customers, both large and small, adopt LastPass to eliminate bad password habits by creating secure and unique logins for every account to improve online security. LastPass offers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, FireFox, and Apple Safari integration through a browser extension to help users generate secure logins and passwords.  Lastpass also has a free mobile application for logging in and connecting safely on the go. Do you feel like your business’s password management processes are outdated, inefficient, or both? Professional and personalized help with adopting LastPass is only a click away. Talk to our team today!

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