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What You Need to Know About Two Factor Authentication

Created at May 16, 2017

What You Need to Know About Two Factor Authentication 

In the world of cyber and digital crime, internet security is becoming more prevalent in our lives. Regularly changing your passwords and complicating their text seems secure, a simple phishing tactic can change all that. Enter, two factor authentication, also known as TFA or 2FA for short.

Two Step Auth

2FA will not only require a username and password but also requires the user to enter a piece of information only they would have access to or know. 2FA is using two of these three factors of authentication: something you know, something you have, and something you are. While retina and fingerprint scanning is seen in the movies, and will soon probably be a reality, the second factor of authentication can be as simple as a code sent to your mobile device only to be used once.

While 2FA is not a new concept, it remains important and widely used in the digital age that now encompasses our lives. Two Factor Auth can tell you which sites and companies are using 2FA including Google, Facebook, and Instagram, SnapChat, PayPal and Amazon, just to list a few. Even the White House now has a campaign encouraging users to #TurnOn2FA.

More and more services now support 2FA via mobile device apps. For example, Authenticator and 2STP companion available in iOS. The apps, pre-set by you to work with certain services, has constantly rotating sets of codes to use when even 2FA is needed. 

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