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Tech Trends and Tips to Reach Your Business Goals for 2020

Created at December 5, 2019

Tech Trends and Tips to Reach Your Business Goals for 2020

The new year is an excellent opportunity for businesses to start fresh and set strategic goals to prepare for success in the upcoming year. As you set your goals for 2020, learn more about the tech trends and tips we will be watching and how our services can support your efforts. 

Security Cameras


Implementing automation in business is a growing trend that increases capabilities through advanced technology. These technologies include cloud services, artificial intelligence, and other services typically done by humans. Technology and software companies are adopting automation as a critical practice to increase profitability and simplify business tasks. 

Blue Layer provides services that increase efficiencies, productivity, and connectivity through integrated cloud services for business processes and demands. Services include comprehensive integrations to unify your communications, programs to manage content and simplify daily tasks, and protecting data that is critical to your business. 


With a new year comes new potential threats to your business. Protect your operation from internal and external threats with these services from Blue Layer: 


The most efficient way to handle cybersecurity threats is to prevent them from ever occurring. With our curated set of software and monitoring services, we keep your systems protected and running smoothly while monitoring your network in real-time to deal with problems as they arise. We also provide employee training to educate your team to identify and prevent potential threats to your business. 

Disaster Recovery

A critical part of your business’s continuity plan is what to do when vital data is compromised. Without a tested strategy for data recovery, it could be weeks before your business is up and running after data is lost, corrupted, or stolen.

Security Cameras

Impossibly simple to deploy, configure, and manage, our cameras provide reliable security and valuable business insights to organizations of any scale. Remote monitoring and management of your cameras are available with centralized cloud management. 

Regulatory Compliance

Failure to maintain compliance with the numerous government agencies and laws can put your business in serious legal trouble. Our experienced team can assist your company in meeting PCI, HIPAA, and HITECH compliance. 

Routine Maintenance 

In addition to these services, keeping your systems up to date through routine updates and maintenance is imperative to upholding your business’s cyber and systems security. When your operating system loses support, it becomes vulnerable to attacks and unwanted downtime. Blue Layer can ensure a seamless transition when upgrading your system to a reliable and supported platform. 

Customer Support 

Providing a superior customer experience has a significant influence on business success. Growing trends include customer interaction on social media as well as intelligent self-service tools and AI chatbots to ensure rapid response times to customers. 

Choose the Right-Sized IT Solutions    

Partner with Blue Layer to reach your business goals in 2020. Learn more about our services and custom solutions for your company’s unique needs. 

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