Remote Support

Remote Support. More Brains. More Power.

Created at October 24, 2022

The world we live in is full of changes and constant advancements. If we have learned one thing from the Covid-19 pandemic, we know it ushered in a new era of remote work on a global scale.

The reality is that remote IT support is stepping up to center stage. Can remote IT support be more efficient than on-site support? We at Blue Layer know it can be. The first step is recognizing the difference between On Site vs. Remote.  

On-site support provides the physical presence of your IT department. There is a limited (oftentimes just one) frame of reference, usually one or two people spread-out company wide, oftentimes with restricted availability. Difficulties abound trying to get their attention and time scheduled. 

Remote support provides the availability and knowledgebase of dozens. The depth of that knowledge spreads out to cover all your IT wants and needs. With remote teams, your organization has access to a more diverse frame of reference. Regardless if the need is networking, servers, security, phone systems or desktop help, technicians who specialize and cater to your business’ needs are standing by to share their knowledge. 99% of computer support can be provided remotely, and in the event of hardware failure, repairs or replacement can be expedited. 


With remote support, you will be connected to a technician the moment your issues arise. Remote support offers availability no matter where you are and for emergencies at all hours. 

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Support Teams

Remote support allows us to assign as many team members as necessary to resolve your issues. We believe in teamwork and brain power – 30 nerds are better than 1! 

The times of waiting days for a technician to show up are over. Whether it takes one technician or three to get your systems back up and running, we’re ready to deploy a team of capable and knowledgeable technicians that will problem solve and implement solutions.

Advanced monitoring capabilities

The job of our support staff isn’t over once they resolve your help ticket. 

Remote capabilities allow our team to perform advanced monitoring for your systems. This allows our team to ensure the repairs they made were successful, watch to see if issues arise again, and even prevent them from recurring.

Blue Layer strives to be a full-scale business partner and that includes continued support. The services we provide allow us to elevate, protect, and monitor your business, propelling your levels of success. Partner with Blue Layer today.