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Preparing Your Network Infrastructure for the New Year

Created at November 22, 2022

Technology upholds the functions, processes, and security of businesses. That’s why it’s critical to ensure your technology is running smoothly going into the new year.

As we all prepare for the new year, we have a critical list that every successful business should check twice before taking on the challenges and new growth they expect in 2023. 

Update your systems

Go into the new year with the best versions of software and hardware possible. 

From productivity software to firewalls, when systems are maintained properly, it enables them to run more efficiently and securely

Take inventory

Taking inventory of your company’s products, computers, and software will ensure you’re organized going into the new year.

By taking inventory, you’ll know what needs to be fixed, replaced, or upgraded. You can also prepare for any inventory or infrastructure that may need to be purchased as your business grows over the next year.

Backup critical storage and data

Your business’s storage and data are critical assets to the company and something you can’t afford to lose. Backing up and securing that information is essential to every business. 

Run security tests

This vital step should always be performed last on your new year checklist. 

Once you’ve completed all the necessary updates and backups, you want to ensure they were completed successfully. By running security tests on your systems, you can find gaps or flaws in your cybersecurity and then take steps to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Once you’ve run proper tests and are issue free, you’re ready and prepared for 2023!

We understand this list can seem overwhelming when you’re trying to handle all the other responsibilities that come along with running a business. Luckily, you can leave it to the IT experts.

When you hire a managed service provider, the tasks on this list will be managed for you. From creating a business technology plan specific to your business, to maintaining the infrastructure – your IT will be managed by capable, educated professionals. 

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