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How To Create Strong Passwords That Protect Your Business

Created at January 21, 2021

Taking the path of least resistance when it comes to passwords is something we’re all guilty of. If they check all of the required boxes, are as uncomplicated as possible, and are memorable, then the chances are that’s what most of us are sticking with! But, will they pass the Weak Password Test? You can get results in as little as five minutes, and you might be surprised at how vulnerable your passwords are.

The fact is, passwords are the first layer of a business’s strong cyber defense, and getting too comfortable with easy ones can sometimes be to the detriment of that defense. Cyber attacks in 2021 will look like they never have before, and there are critical steps your team must take to have a chance at combating them. Strong passwords are the perfect place to start. 

Here’s how your business can get back to a strong password strategy in the new year.


A password is yours and yours only. Never share your passwords with anyone and keep them safe.

Eight characters or more?

The longer, the better!  A great hint is to use phrases for your passwords.

A combination of different characters?

The more complicated, the better, too. Strong passwords should be unpredictable and incorporate lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers, and special characters. Don’t worry about making them too complicated either — LastPass has your back.


When coming up with a new password or resetting existing ones, here are some things to avoid:

  • Birthdays
  • Meaningful names
  • Important dates
  • Common words found in the dictionary


Every credential you use should have a unique password.  Too often, we reuse passwords across websites, applications, and workstations in the name of ease and efficiency.  Unfortunately, criminals capitalize on this to compromise you and your organization.  A password manager such as LastPass enables you to retain the ease and efficiency to login and simultaneously provides unique and complex passwords.

In theory, making a password easy to remember makes sense. But with a password manager in place to keep track of your sites and credentials, you have the freedom to make strong and unique passwords.  Think of a password manager in the same respect as your Contact app on your phone.  Every phone number is unique for all of your contacts, yet you do not have to remember every phone number for every contact.  Simply click on what you need and easily accomplish what you need to do. 

2020 came down on the cybersecurity community with an entirely new brand of attacks centered on the COVID-19 pandemic, giving us all an honest reminder of just how savvy cyber threats really can be.

So, if you’re worried about what your defenses look like in 2021, then it’s time to speak with an innovative leader like Blue Layer. We work with our clients to analyze their current cybersecurity situation and help them pinpoint areas to improve.Passwords are just a starting point! Click here to learn more about the services offered at Blue Layer.

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