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How Cybersecurity Has Changed Over Time

Created at September 3, 2019

How Cyber Security Has Changed Over Time 

As the technology industry continually changes and evolves, the capabilities of digital devices and cybersecurity grow as well. The technology we can now access at our fingertips would have looked like something from another planet just thirty years ago! Today, businesses are reliant on platforms in the cloud and many software services used in the workplace that didn’t even exist not too long ago. With these advancements come great opportunities; however, it also brings more advanced risks and cyber threats to your business.

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The role of IT departments and their day-to-day tasks has changed as the magnitude of devices and technology used has expanded in the workplace. The complexity of cybersecurity has grown drastically to combat increased cyber threats to interconnected technologies; however, potential risks can still make their way through. These threats are not only harmful to your business, but to the customers who trust you to protect their private and financial information. Your credibility and overall success is dependent on your ability to remain secure. 


Technology moves fast, and so should your security. Don’t wait until there’s a breach in your security to take preventative action; make a plan to stop the attacks before they happen. Your cybersecurity needs to protect your systems from existing threats, as well as identify and prevent potential risks that take on various disguises including those not yet identified.


Protecting your business with Blue Layer means your security becomes smarter and stronger. Our curated set of hardware, software and monitoring services keep your systems protected and running smoothly as we monitor your environment. Safeguard your business to stop crippling threats before they attack.

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