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Give Your Business the Gift of an MSP

Created at November 22, 2022

During this season of giving, something to think about is whether your organization has gifted itself the right IT solutions and has the right relationship with their managed service provider (MSP). At Blue Layer, we strive to provide the greatest gifts of all: strong customer service, lasting cyber security, and efficient IT solutions.


A MSP provides services, such as network, application, infrastructure and security through support and active monitoring.

From saving time and money to being able to trust the decisions you’re making for your business, hiring an MSP is invaluable to an organization.

We’re sharing our reasons why you should put an MSP at the top of your Christmas list and start the New Year feeling more confident in your business than ever before.

Save your team’s time

Hiring an MSP gives your team their time back. When you enlist experts to handle IT issues that arise, it frees up that time for your employees to devote their full focus to their dedicated roles, furthering the success of your business.

A managed service provider can also ensure that your organization is taking proactive measures to prevent disaster. Disasters come in many shapes and forms, from natural physical damage to your network equipment to cyberattacks. We want your business to run without interruptions no matter what gets thrown your way.

Vigilant Security Awareness

Proactive monitoring is another service that can protect your business from unexpected cybersecurity issues. With around-the-clock support from an MSP, threats to your data and applications can be handled as they arise. 

Instead of finding viruses or cyber-attacks when it’s too late, IT experts are available as soon as you need them. 

It’s become obvious in recent years that cyber attackers are getting smarter, but so are we. Cyber-attacks are also becoming more frequent and more dangerous to an organization’s systems. Creating an effective cybersecurity system and maintaining it is near impossible without the help of experts; however, it’s critical to the success and safety of businesses and their assets. 

Feel confident that your business is properly protected by hiring a team of IT professionals.


Infrastructure that supports success

Great MSPs will ensure you have access to the latest technology through their services. You can feel secure that your data is safe in their hands and protected from the constant threats living in the cyber world. They can also advise you on what services or hardware is worth investing in and what’s not, so you know you’re making the best decisions for your business.

Hiring a managed service provider can also guarantee the space you need when your business starts seeing growth and the need to expand. It allows you to scale skills and resources that are necessary to continue seeing success. 

Choosing to partner with a MSP can save you money in several ways, starting with no need to recruit and train staff in order to build an entire in-house team.

You’re also able to stick to a budget because you’re not having to worry about unexpected costs. Your contract with your managed service provider will outline what services you pay for and the services you receive, so you can trust you’re being taken care of at a set price.

Blue Layer is proud to have been named one of America’s “Top 501 Managed Service Providers” for six years running. We are detailed and intentional when building IT technology plans for our partners because we know not every business is the same. 

We’re ready to propel your business forward as your new managed service provider.