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Full-Scale Security: Virtual and Physical

Created at June 6, 2022

Security doesn’t have to begin and end at your network systems. Data and information are not your only critical assets. As a managed service provider, Blue Layer has the ability to not only protect your business in the cyber world, but in the real world as well. 

From preventing threats and responding to attacks, to securing your offices and the people inside them, learn how Blue Layer can build a full-scale security plan to protect your business at every level.


When most people think of the security a technology company can provide, they think cybersecurity. So we’ll start there. 

The way Blue Layer approaches security threats is to prevent them from ever occurring. With a curated set of software and monitoring services, your systems will remain protected as you work. Your network will be monitored in real time, so issues can be addressed as they arise.

Detection + Prevention

As technology evolves and advances, so do hackers. It is more important than ever to have a security solution that does more than just block malware. Through partnerships with industry leaders and advanced technology, we provide security before, during, and after attacks. 


Your team can be one of your best lines of defense. Blue Layer provides resources to help you identify dangerous web content, emails, and other security risks. Don’t let human error threaten your business. 

Heightened security  

Combined with other Blue Layer services, our advanced password protection methods, such as two-factor authentication, immediate text-based password reset, and monthly vulnerability scanning provide the highest level of protection for your assets. 

Disaster Recovery

In case the unexpected happens, it is crucial to have a plan of attack after an attack. It could be weeks before your business is back up and running without a disaster recovery plan. Through preparation and testing, you can be ready in case of data loss, corruption, or theft.

At Blue Layer, we use replication services as a large part of disaster recovery plans. Replication will help you meet compliance requirements, while saving time and money on data restoration. This can be done through installing a dedicated appliance or implementing new systems on existing equipment. 

Data synchronization

By synching data throughout your business’s network, you can ensure uninterrupted access to critical data. 

Continuous availability

High availability for your most widely used data decreases the need for a fail-over recovery environment and allows for continuous access to critical information. 

Minimal downtime 

Reduce downtime following an attack from weeks to hours with replication services. 

Optimized resource utilization

Reduce your backup storage requirements with the ability to perform block-level, system-level and deduplication backups.


Now to the “physical” part of security. Protecting your brick and mortar business and the people inside it. 

Have eyes everywhere. Blue Layer cameras are simple to deploy, configure, and manage providing reliable security. The cameras record in high resolution, are built with an advanced mobile-grade processor, and come with a 3-year warranty. 

Feel secure with a system that’s: 

  • Bandwidth conscious 
  • Never stops recording (even if network connection fails
  • Stores all data to the cloud with 90 and 180 day options

Access Controls

Blue Layer access controls are a double threat. Physical and virtual options provide you with complete security. Physical controls protect assets on-site, while virtual controls protect access to computer systems. 

Physical Access Control

Through access key cards, phone apps, or electronic door lock systems, you control access to buildings, rooms, and physical IT assets, such as data centers. 

Virtual Access Control

Virtual access controls limit connections to data, computer networks, and system files through the use of antivirus software, firewalls, anti-spyware, and anti-phishing applications. 

No matter what level of security you’re looking for, and what assets you want to protect, Blue Layer is here to make it possible. Through a dedicated and intentional partnership, we’re ready to curate a plan for your security needs–saving you time and money when you protect your greatest assets. That’s right-sized IT.