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Chilling Cyber Threats: Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

Created at October 1, 2019

Chilling Cyber Threats: Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Your Data Safe 

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, created by the government and the IT industry to raise awareness of the resources available to Americans to remain safe online. Our team at Blue Layer is taking part to raise awareness by sharing our essential cybersecurity tips and services available. We have years of industry experience and the resources to help small businesses protect their network, data, and systems from chilling cyber threats. 

Improve your cybersecurity to keep your data safe with our helpful tips. 


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Create a strong password

Using a strong and secure password is critical to protecting your data. Create complex, difficult-to-guess passwords by including a combination of upper and lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols. Your passwords should be updated annually, and you should never use the same password on multiple accounts. 

We recommend storing your accounts’ login information through a secure password management tool. There are excellent free services available for both business and personal use. 

Use two-factor authentication

Follow up a strong password with a second form of user verification to better protect your accounts with two-factor authentication. This additional security method requires a second form of authorization, making it more difficult for hackers to breach your systems. Types of two or multi-factor authentication strengthen traditional login processes by requiring access code confirmations from another device or proof of identification. 

Employee training 

Many system breaches can be avoided by educating your team on potential cyber threats. Provide your employees with training to establish or refresh on security expectations, policies, and appropriate guidelines. Controlled employee access and monitoring of unauthorized activity can discourage internal misconduct through an understanding of cybersecurity policy. Promoting safe internet and technology practices in your business can boost productivity and employee morale. 

Blue Layer provides security awareness training resources that help you identify dangerous web content, emails, and security risks. We keep you informed of the latest cybersecurity threats, and we partner with you to protect your business and enable your employees to become a human firewall.

Backup your data 

Reduce downtime and stop the crippling effects of cyber threats by backing up your business data through data synchronization. If your data is left unprotected, it can quickly become compromised. Storing your information through a safe third-party or external source is recommended for valuable customer information. 

Anyone with databases, virtual machines, multiple locations, or critical data should leverage data synchronization. Protecting your clients’ personal information is a top priority, and our disaster recovery and cybersecurity services can ensure their data stays secure. 

Keep your system’s software up to date 

Updating your operating system and virus protection software is critical to protecting your data from external and internal threats. Ensure that your technology’s protection is up to date by turning on automatic updates or outsourcing these services from a trusted IT solutions provider. 

Blue Layer has been trusted to equip businesses with the appropriate, right-sized IT services for their unique needs for nearly twenty years. Let our IT experts monitor and support your company’s technology needs so that you can focus on what matters the most to your business. 

As your business grows, your security protocols must keep up with constant advancements in technology. Blue Layer can help you develop the proper approach to protect your system’s integrity from deadly cyber threats. From two-factor authentication, security awareness training, immediate text-based password reset, and monthly vulnerability scanning and remediation, we create the right strategy to meet your unique business needs. Contact our team today to schedule your business consultation and learn more about partnering with Blue Layer. We hope to see you soon! 

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