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Blue Layer to Participate in vBrisket Panel with Datrium

Created at February 13, 2018

Blue Layer to Participate in vBrisket Panel with Datrium

Since 2014, what originally began as a joke between friends, vBrisket is now a community of BBQ loving, virtualization experts participating in social gatherings and other events throughout the year.

This year, Blue Layer has been invited to partake in a vBrisket event with Datrium. Blue Layer has been a Datrium partner since May 2016, Michael Strong and Jeromy Mallory, will participate in a panel regarding the positive impact that the Datrium storage solutions have had on their business and other client environments.

Darium Brisket

“We are excited to share how we incorporated open convergence into our environment through our partnership with Datrium, we look forward to visiting with other IT professionals in Amarillo.” 
Michael Strong, COO stated.

This event will take place on March 1st, 2018 in Amarillo, TX at Tyler’s Barbeque. Tyler Frazer operator of Tyler’s Barbeque, ranked in the top 50 of Texas Monthly Top 50 Barbeque joints, will host vBrisket, Blue Layer, Datrium and other technology professionals for a tasting. Brisket, ribs and sausage are among the meats that those in attendance will get the chance to enjoy. Tyler will introduce the technology community to the smoking process and what it takes to make Tyler’s famous barbeque. Everyone at the event will also receive a Tyler’s gift card for dinner that evening or lunch at a later date.

If you are an IT professional and interested in attending this unique event with Blue Layer, Datrium, vBrisket, and enjoying Tyler’s Barbeque, click here to register. Register Here.

For more information on Blue Layer’s experience with Datrium, check out our resource page: Blue Layer Resource Page.

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