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What is Quality of Experience (QoE) and How Can Blue Layer Improve Yours?

Created at July 23, 2020

What is Quality of Experience (QoE) and How Can Blue Layer Improve Yours?

At Blue Layer, our goal is to be your partner in technology service. And as your partner, it’s our job to provide the knowledge and know-how necessary to ensure that your quality of experience (QoE) is as good as it can possibly be.

What your QoE means for you

As we’re sure you’ll agree, technology can sometimes be more frustrating than it is helpful. Technology is supposed to help us, not hinder us — right? We certainly think so. That’s why we’ve made the experience that you have with our technology our highest priority.

Take a cloud service like Office 365, for example. It’s a great application for email and collaboration, but when an employee is having trouble staying connected, it can bring your productivity to a screeching halt. That’s where we come in. Blue Layer can implement software and other services to help diagnose issues related to the performance of a cloud application and how it impacts employees at the business. That includes remote workers!

How we measure your quality of experience

Our team utilizes an intuitive software that enables us to measure the performance analytics of the applications that your business is using. With access to these analytics, we can make informed decisions that will impact the performance of all of your most-used cloud apps, including Office 365, Zoom, Dropbox, and the like. If your preferred applications are not performing to your standards, we help you do something about it!

Why your QoE is important to us

The purpose of your technology is to help you, not hinder you. This is especially true in a business setting, where the applications that we employ are meant to help us maximize our efficiency and ability to do good work. If one piece of that puzzle doesn’t fit, it can bring the whole operation to a standstill, making for a pretty lackluster experience.

By monitoring your quality of experience across all applications, we are not only able to make them work more efficiently for you, but we’re also able to make improvements upon them that will eliminate future issues from arising and make every user’s experience even better than the last. That includes new employees and expanded remote teams. Is your company eager for a partner in technology that is continually focused on your QoE with the products that they provide? Click here, and let’s talk about what that might look like for you and your team.

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