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Blue Layer Service Spotlight: Smart Cameras

Created at July 30, 2020

Blue Layer Service Spotlight: Smart Cameras

As a tool that has been protecting people and property for decades, security cameras are traditionally an integral piece of a successful business puzzle. And now, after years of progress and development, Blue Layer is bringing magic to the enterprise video security world with families of smart camera solutions for every application type.

Our products include a range of models for multipurpose deployments, but all of them share five distinct characteristics.

Cutting Edge Architecture

Layer cameras utilize advanced, mobile-grade processors, high-grade solid-state storage, and intelligent software that enable them to remove the need for a network video recorder (NVR) and the complexity that comes with it. This means that, even without a network connection, you can expect constant, reliable recording in up to 1080p high definition resolution.

Bandwidth Consciousness

Because of our smart cameras’ solid-state storage-based architecture, they can use WAN bandwidth only when needed. Less than 50kbps of metadata streams to the cloud per camera when footage is not being viewed, eliminating excessive WAN usage. This ensures that critical network activities are allowed the appropriate bandwidth when it’s most important.

Cloud Archive Capabilities

On top of their solid-state storage, Blue Layer smart cameras can also come equipped with backup cloud archive functionality. Their centralized cloud management dashboard provides secure monitoring and management of all of your cameras from anywhere in the world. The best part? No extra software is required.


What you want is what you get, and everything necessary comes in the box — no extra hardware, software, or analytics packages required.


Cameras automatically allocate signed SSL certificates, and all management and video data is always encrypted by default. All hardware also comes with a three-year warranty!

So, if your business needs new security solutions that combine simplicity with cutting-edge capabilities, click here for help finding the products that are right for what you require!

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