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Blue Layer Service Spotlight: Access Controls

Created at March 25, 2020

Blue Layer Service Spotlight: Access Controls

Access controls are a fundamental piece of security that determines who can gain access to what, and even when access should be granted. Whether the “what” is technical or physical, access controls keep your privacy safe and out of the wrong hands.

Access Controls

What can Blue Layer do to help with access controls?

Blue Layer adds tighter security and added convenience for the user and administrator by creating a centralized, personalized hub for access control for your entire system. With Blue Layer’s cloud-based access control system, you have the ability to:

  • Limit physical access to buildings, rooms, data centers, and more
  • Set customizable permissions
  • Automate lock and unlock schedules
  • Set up an alert system for suspicious activity
  • Manage users, activity and more at any time, anywhere

What else can Blue Layer do for my cybersecurity?

As vital as they are, access controls are just one piece of the larger cybersecurity puzzle — a puzzle that Blue Layer has solved for businesses time and time again. Our team can work with your organization to develop a comprehensive approach to your cybersecurity needs that may include:

  • Heightening security by implementing safety protocols like multi-factor authentication
  • Providing security awareness training
  • Performing monthly vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • Implement onsite monitoring for intrusion prevention and detection with a SIEM solution
  • Extend corporate firewall protections and policy to remote users
  • Assist with HIPAA and PCI compliance for those organizations subject to federal guidelines

Are you ready to implement an access control system in your business?

Click here to learn how Blue Layer can find you right-sized IT solutions for the protection of your most important data, software, hardware, and more.

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