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Blue Layer Cybersecurity Seminar Recap

Created at October 15, 2019

Blue Layer Cybersecurity Seminar Recap 

Blue Layer recently invited customers and local business leaders to attend our inaugural Cybersecurity Seminar hosted at the Funky Door in Lubbock, Texas. Several members of our team talked about today’s threats and how to protect your business and employees. Guest speakers included Erich Kron from  KnowBe4 and Dylan Riley from RingCentral who spoke on a variety of topics from security awareness training and the technology involved in securing your phone systems.

“The challenge we find is a lot of businesses here locally in West Texas think these issues about cybersecurity are not here,” Michael Strong, Blue Layer COO said. “The fact of the matter is criminals don’t care. It’s so easy to target businesses, target users, or social engineer somebody that everybody can be a victim.”

The human factor 

Kron shared his research into the psychology and strategies of attackers and how to defend your business. Today’s cyber threats focus on the people as a point of entry for opportunities to breach your company. Educating your team to understand your business and the potential weaknesses can better protect your data from the harmful threats out there. 

“The thing about security in the modern-day is it has to be layered. Different layers to deal with different problems. There is no single solution for everything, so it’s important to understand where your holes are and be able to apply the correct technologies,” Kron said.

Securing phone communications 

Phone systems can be a weak spot in company security if not installed and operated securely. Businesses can fall victim to cyber threats and even be charged thousands of dollars in long-distance, toll-free phone calls when attackers hack into their systems. RingCentral offers a secure platform to eliminate this threat. 

“Blue Layer is actually one of our premier partners,” Riley said. “They do an excellent job on the implementation and really making that transition from your old on-premise phone system to the cloud a seamless transition.” 

Blue Layer’s partnership with RingCentral has provided successful and secure communication services and transitions for many business owners in our community. 

Everyone can be a victim 

Many small business owners don’t think they could ever be a target to these cyber threats. However, the reality is that everybody has the potential to be hacked. Cybercriminals will take any opportunity to attack your weak spots, regardless of your location or business size. 

“Cybersecurity has no borders,” Strong says. “We all need to raise the bar. We all need to be better human fire-walls and do our part to protect ourselves and protect the places in which we work.” 

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