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3 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training is Vital for Your Business

Created at May 12, 2021

Did you know that the average organization devotes over 20% of its IT budget solely to cybersecurity? That’s following a significant uptick in sophisticated and costly cyberattacks over the course of what has been a very busy year for cybercriminals, making a solid cybersecurity strategy just as (if not more) necessary than it was even a week or a month ago.

Of the organizations reported to have been affected in that data, 44% of them stated that they would be allocating a good portion of that IT budget to one area of cybersecurity that’s as imperative as the rest: cybersecurity awareness training. Here’s why.

Human error is usually one of the biggest gaps in cybersecurity best practices.

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes, so it’s unfair to expect every single user to flawlessly tip-toe their way through something as complex and as sophisticated as the cybercrime landscape. Cybersecurity awareness training is designed to educate you and your employees about dangerous web content, emails, and security risks and how to dodge making easy-to-avoid mistakes that could compromise your business’s safety.

Cyberattacks can cost you—big time.

Most cyberattacks aim to steal personal information and/or private company data, which are very high prices to pay for gaps in your cybersecurity infrastructure. However, in the case of modern ransomware, the cost of compromise is very, very literal. Investing in proven training now can save your company from having to spend big and lose efficiency to downtime later on.

Cybercrime is constantly evolving. So should you.

Unfortunately, what works today might not have worked yesterday and might not work tomorrow. The nature of cybercrime is an ever-changing one, and the best cybersecurity awareness training is one that accounts for that. Blue Layer training utilizes real examples and real scenarios to help your employees recognize and avoid malicious content, thus becoming an impenetrable human firewall.

Click here to learn more about cybersecurity awareness training, a key element in Blue Layer’s laser-sharp focus on your business’s security health.

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