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2021 in Review: Our Takeaways and Biggest Tips for Cybersecurity in 2022

Created at December 21, 2021

2021 was yet another busy year for the cybersecurity industry and the world in general. The pandemic has continued to run rampant on organizations across the globe with the emergence of the omicron variant; phishing has risen quarter over quarter, targeting most organizations in some capacity; and cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and vigilant with each passing trend.

Looking back and learning from the past is the best way to determine what we can expect for cybersecurity in the future. Here are some of the most important takeaways from this past year to make you aware of what you can expect for your cybersecurity in 2022. We’ve also included some helpful tips for the best way to move forward in the new year with confidence.

1. Phishing is on the rise.

And it’s not a trend that’s expected to subside any time soon. In July of 2021 alone, the Anti-Phishing Work Group reported that over 260,000 unique phishing attacks were attempted. In that same report, it was found that the number of brands attacked peaked at 715 in September. We must continue adapting since scammers will continue finding ways around the defenses we build. It’s important to remember that phishing and other types of similar attacks require an ongoing fight.

2. Over 90% of attacks involve some form of social engineering.

The most popular way that scammers obtain the information they’re looking for is by taking advantage of emotions that make us human, with sympathy and fear being two of the most commonly seen.

With most cyberattacks featuring some form of social engineering, the messages they include are getting increasingly convincing, both in their wording and in their presentation. Always be on your guard and always be wary of suspicious-looking and/or suspicious-sounding emails.

3. Scammers are still taking advantage of the pandemic.

As new COVID-19 variants continue to emerge, it’s safe to assume that scammers are still working on ways to manipulate the fears surrounding them. Phishing emails preying on vaccine hysteria, WFH teams, and the large sums of money moved around during mergers and acquisitions are just a few examples we’ve discussed of how scammers are getting what they want out of the pandemic.

4. Cybercrimes are becoming more and more sophisticated and in tune with current popular topics.

This is a trend that has persisted year after year. 2021 was no different, and neither should 2022. Adapting to hot trends and becoming more technologically proficient are just two examples of how the people behind these malicious attacks are working hard to stay ahead of the curve.

Tips For Handling Cybersecurity in 2022 With Confidence

1. Deploy stronger cybersecurity technology.

Are your software and hardware defenses up to date and equipped with what’s needed to defend your information? Consider adding Extended Detection and Response capabilities to better protect your business.

2. Brush up on your training.

By the time you read this, it’s likely that things have changed once again, even if only marginally. Onboarding training modules aren’t enough—real deal cybersecurity in 2022 requires regular, industry-leading training from an MSP that knows the risks.

3. Stay in the know.

The internet is a fantastic place for all things cybersecurity, including tips, trends, industry news, and more. Blue Layer and KnowBe4 are great places to start if you haven’t subscribed yet.

4. Work with an award-winning managed services provider.

Saying that we deploy right-sized solutions doesn’t imply a one-size-fits-all blanket service. Instead of pulling a cybersecurity solution off of a shelf, we consider your unique technology challenges, dig deep into their source, and take the time necessary to identify which of our service lines best addresses them.Tackling cybersecurity in 2022 is going to take an approach that can keep up with how often it changes and solutions that are scalable. Click here for help protecting your business against cybercrime this upcoming new year and beyond.

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