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Blue Layer Featured in Datrium Customer Testimonial

Created at February 24, 2017

Blue Layer Featured in Datrium Customer Testimonial 

Datrium is changing the way managed service providers look at storage solutions. Blue Layer learned first hand that in this industry, “slow” is the new “down” as we began experiencing unacceptable response times that interfered with our efficiency and ability to run critical applications.

Blue Layer Featured

With the Datrium DVX Open Convergence platform, we gained the capacity needed to grow, increase IOPS considerably and ease management – all in a more economical package. We are now better equipped to keep up with our growing business and provide greater support and performance to our clients.

The services provided by Datrium exceeded our expectations and their customer support is unmatched. Read more about Datrium’s impact on our business.

“Prior to Datrium, the conversation I had with prospects was about leveraging our world-class data center for business continuity and taking care of everything for them. But because of the governor on our speed, we could not always promise better performance. Now with Open Convergence, it’s more resilient and faster, so I can add more benefits to the conversation. Ultimately, that means more revenue for us, and greater performance for our clients.”– Michael Strong, COO

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