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Back to School: Top College Gear and Gadgets

Created at August 14, 2019

Back to School: Top College Gear and Gadgets

Back to school means many things, especially for the incoming college student. Entering a new environment with different challenges and opportunities is a big adjustment and can often be intimidating. To feel prepared and ease this adjustment, students and their parents will usually start by making their dorm room feel more like home. While it’s essential to feel comfortable in your new place, don’t overlook the tech gear and gadgets you’ll also need for a smooth transition. 

To help you get started and avoid overspending on unnecessary technology, we created a list of our top recommended college gear and gadgets for the incoming freshman. 

1. Laptop or tablet 

There are no questions that college is expensive, and that’s before adding in the required textbooks and back to school supplies! While a reliable laptop or tablet is a necessity for most college students these days, there are several affordable options on the market to consider that are both functional and offer the latest security features. To ensure the device you purchase is compatible with the programs, software, and projects used in your major, consider asking your college advisors what they recommend. 

2. Noise-canceling headphones 

A good pair of headphones is essential to cutting out distractions and staying focused in college. Whether you need music to study, jam out while working out, or need to block out your noisy roommate, noise-canceling headphones can help keep your productivity on track.

3. Printer 

While most colleges have printers available to students on campus, having a printer in your dorm room can undoubtedly come in handy. Not having to stop by the library on your way to class or find out your printer card is out of funds again (that’s right, you have to pay per page) when you’re already running late can make having a printer of your own seem like a luxury. Plus, it’s easier than ever to find a small and affordable Bluetooth printer online.  

4. Bluetooth keys finder 

With an active college schedule, there are endless opportunities for your belongings to become lost or stolen. Attaching a Bluetooth tracking device to your keys, backpack, wallet, and other belongings can make a big difference the next time you’re unable to find something.

5. Chargers and battery packs 

There’s nothing like that helpless feeling when the devices you’re using die on you. Keeping your phone, computer, and other devices charged is vital to being on time, staying productive, communicating with others, and keeping up with your responsibilities. Carrying an extra charger or battery pack can ensure you’re able to continue taking notes in class, submit that project on time, or even get a safe ride home on game day or a night out. 

6. Flash drives, external hard drives and cloud services 

Backing up your files on a flash drive, external hard drive or the cloud can avoid the risk of losing the final project you’ve worked on all semester if anything were to happen to your computer. Back up and move your valuable data securely and with ease. 

As you begin preparing for back to school, we encourage you to do your research and figure out what it is you’ll need and find businesses that provide college students with a discount. Whether you are entering college as a freshman or just heading back, all of us here at Blue Layer wish you the best of luck as you pursue your education!

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